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How Does This App Work?

  • Download & Install the App

The Keep Me Safe Family Locator App is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Register & Add Family Members

Once your register, simply follow the displayed instructions to start adding your loved ones.
  • Trial the App

You can use the app for 14 days FREE without entering your card details.

Get Our App!

Never lose sight of your loved ones with Keep Me Safe’s strong and accurate Geofencing, SOS, Video and Audio Recording, Location History, and Street View features.

SOS Alerts

Send and receive SOS alerts to and from your loved ones if in any danger.

Video Recording

Then remotely activate the video camera of your loved one’s phone to make a 20-second video of his environment.

Audio Recording

Or activate the microphone of your loved one’s phone to listen to the conversations around her.

Location History

See where your loved one has been in the past 7 days. Valuable for tracking a missing person.

One Subscription for the Family

Keep Me Safe subscription covers a family of 4. For larger families, simply buy an add-on subscription for each additional user.

Your Privacy Guaranteed

Choose which of your contacts can make a video or audio recording of your environment when you are in danger or see your location history.

Witness and Report

If you witness a crime or security issue, easily report it. All Keep Me Safers will be notified. The Keep Me Safe team will also notify you about any security report we receive and the exact location of the issue.

Screen Time Monitoring

Does your teen have a phone? No problem. See the apps she spends the most time on. This way you can regulate her screen time.

Chats & Voice-Notes

Securely chat with any of your Keep Me Safe contacts. Only your Keep Me Safe contacts can chat with you.

Cross-Platform Capability

Whether you are using an iPhone or Android phone, Keep Me Safe works for you. Note, however, that Video and Audio recording plus Screen Time monitoring are not available for iPhone users.


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“Greate App, I love the Tracking and SOS aspect of the app”

Rasaq Oguntade

Rasaq Oguntade

“This is a very unique application, it packs a lot of features on location tracking that actually works! It is worth the buy”

Emmanuel Atsu

Emmanuel Atsu

Software Developer / Architect

Pricing Plans

  •  No of Contacts - 1
  •  Location Tracking - Yes
  •  Witness and Report - Yes
  •  Ads showing - Yes
  •  Video Recording - No
  •  Audio Recording - No
  •  Location History - No
  •  Screen Time Monitoring - No
  •  Geofencing - No
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Monthly Plan

  •  No of Contacts - 3 plus unlimited add-on subscriptions
  •  Location Tracking - Yes
  •  Witness and Report - Yes
  •  Ads Showing - No
  •  Video Recording - Yes
  •  Audio Recording - Yes
  •  Location History - Yes
  •  Screen Time Monitoring - Yes
  •  Geofencing - Yes
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Yearly Plan

  • No of Contacts - 3 plus unlimited add-on subscriptions
  •  Location Tracking - Yes
  •  Witness and Report - Yes
  •  Ads Showing - No
  •  Video Recording - Yes
  •  Audio Recording - Yes
  •  Location History - Yes
  •  Screen Time Monitoring - Yes
  •  Geofencing - Yes
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Frequently Asked

Yes, the app needs your exact location to be able to deliver real-time location information to your contacts.

No. We have a built-in privacy feature that allows you to choose the features each of your contacts can use on you. You are in control.

No. The Keep Me Safe app requires you to be online to work. When you go offline your last online location will be noted by the app.

Yes, we do. All verified security alerts will be marked verified.



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